Meet the future of custom painting. The product, called Decoraxion™, and its technology, developed by Panaxion Inc., opens up an exciting range of new and innovative colour application possibilities.


Empower the creativity of individuals and organisations.


Take custom painting into the 21st century by developing and integrating hi-tech hardware tools, software applications, design content and web-based industry marketplaces.


Decoraxion™ technology has many potential applications. The initial application is being developed for the decorative painting industry.


Panaxion Inc. makes tools that allow customers to paint more and more often, thus driving material usage and paint purchases. This is similar to the 'Printer/toner' or 'Razor/razorblades' business models.

Chris Frosztega, President & CEO

Chris is a founding shareholder of Panaxion Inc. He has spent the last 4 years developing and commercialising his invention, while also building the company’s team. In high school, Chris spent his summers as a painter, thus familiarising himself with the trade. During his first year at university, he started a student painting enterprise. Upon completing his business degree, Chris diversified into renovations and continued to look for better solutions to traditional painting processes and the revolutionary Decoraxion™ with its breakthrough technology was born. Chris imagines a not so distant future where decoration, construction and renovation projects will be like playing a video game.

Frank McDonnell, VP Systems Development & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Frank is the second founding shareholder of Panaxion Inc. He has a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. He worked as Project Manager on national and international hydro-electric power generation, transmission and distribution projects costing from 5 to 500 million dollars. He was also the Owner/Manager of an Office Supplies & Services Center. Frank co-invented the Decoraxion™ and has worked with Chris on several patents and patent applications.


Panaxion Inc.’s team includes 15 engineers in mechanical, electronic, software, embedded systems, networks and chemical engineering.


Panaxion Inc.’s engagement team of 10 includes multimedia, product, instructional and usability designers, in addition to communications and digital marketing professionals.